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Ban for trainer


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Hello guys, I'm new here, I would like to know why my serial was banned by TRAINER?

I have never used programs, nor created programs, never "tried" programs that are harmful to the servers of MTA SA, and I was simply banned ...

I was playing on an RP = Roleplay server (which simulates real life) But for a while I was out of RP, I was not banned or anything, I just disconnected from the game, after a while I went in again and nothing to get into any servers as it appeared

"You've been banned"


Only that, there is no time, nor who banned, just that when I try to enter, good people, as I was never smart for these things, I would like to know what happened, and if it is possible I will be disenfranchised ... because I never abused I did something harmful to the servers of MULTI THEFT AUTO San Andreas. I went in and out of the server I want! Can someone help me please ?

Someone takes the question out of me, can I be unbanned or am I condemned to never play on the MTA servers again? Thank you all and Good morning!



Serial: 2DCF6415049F143D0B0775930BBAFB52

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