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Hi. I got globally ban from MTA.
I changed my serial so I could play on the servers where I got banned. 

Sorry for that, I don't used my brain. If I get unban, I never do it again! 

Serial: 75857494B920808FA88A84F42C31CD53

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

There is currently a program circulating (as in: being sold) in the Hungarian scene that makes it easier than usual to change and swap serials. It has been used to cause havoc on certain servers, mostly SeeMTA, where people that got nothing to lose (as they can easily get rid of any server ban) mess everything up and ruin the game.

You are one of the less than 10 people that together are responsible for more than 100 unique serials (serial changes). As you can see, a small group of people is responsible for a lot of problems on SeeMTA. These people have been banned, with a measure placed against them so they cannot continue changing their serial, let alone evade a global ban. That's the only thing you guys regret at the moment.. Party time is over!

Ban appeal denied. We currently have no plans to unban these people, not in the near future.


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