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SAMP chat in MTA.


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I have already seen a topic in this regard, but there is no description of how this could be solved. And I want to ask for help on how can I use SAMP chat in MTA.


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wrong sample
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16 hours ago, Tekken said:

?? What do you mean? Samp chat in mta?

I think he means the characteristics and design of the chat from SAMP.

I don't think you'll find the SAMP chat but you can scroll through the ones available on the MTA Resource Archive.
Use the search methods with your key words "Chat" or "SAMP", name or description text boxes will both give different results, good luck xD 

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My current chatbox on MTA is similiar to the SAMP chatbox. I was just curious that it was possible to use SAMP chatbox in MTA.
I enlarged the font size, and i made an outline for it, so it pretty similiar to the regular SAMP chatbox.

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On 15/01/2021 at 02:51, SpecT said:

This seems more like a question about MTA's client settings than about scripting (which is the category of this forum).

I think it requires script to modify the chat box, idk though never done itxD

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