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[Zombie RPG] Los Santos Zombie Infection | RPG/Clan/Police/Boss/Job.. [ENGLISH]

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Hello everyone, I wanted to introduce my server it's created since 2014 but I closed it in March 2020, now it's back!


Los Santos Zombie RPG Gamemode, the server has been going on for a few years, it's like a real life apocalypse experience, if you are new in the server? you are going to spawn as citizen.

in order to become pro and get to Police and Military Forces.. etc you have to go work and kill zombies / bosses.. etc

I got the idea of combining zombie and rpg together, and here's the idea I got.


  • 3 BOSSES to kill and receive a lot of money.
  • Jobs like Miner, Agricultor.. etc with receiving a lot of money too.
  • Police Officers whom can arrest players and view their wanted level. (requirements needed to join)
  • Military Forces whom can arrest players too with an easier way. (requirements needed to join)
  • Criminals whom can sell drugs to players and got many features... etc (requirements needed to join)
  • Creating unofficial clans with $500,000, to make them official more informations in the server.
  • Briefcase Bag giving money and armor.
  • Vehicles System.
  • Automod System meaning a private car that only one or two players can drive it, it's damage proof and has a private custom panel.
  • Skinmod System.
  • Jail System. ( Police and Military Forces can arrest wanted players, and when the player gets 6 wanted levels, he will automatically be on his way to jail )
  • Weather System changes with time and you can press F5 to view the current weather and the coming weather.
  • VIP System.

there's a lot more...

Some little things











yeah enough with that, there's more in the server.

Server Informations

IP: mtasa://


More informations in the server, or you can send me a pm.


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