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Im selling 3 Cars for use in a SV | Vendo 3 autos para usar en tu SV (TOYOTA - AUDI - FERRARI)


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These 3 cars could be yours, if you are a SV owner or if u play as a VIP User etc... | Estos vehiculos pueden ser tuyos, si eres un visionario dueño de SV o si juegas como VIP dentro. 

You can talk with the sv´s Admin to install those inside the SV to your PJ | Puedes negociar con el administrador que te los coloque a tu PJ en el SV.

I have the RAR archive | Tengo el archivo RAR 

- Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2020 HD Model

- Audi A7 Sline 2017 HD Model

- Ferrari 1995 F50  HD Model

 Pay info: $20 Per Car / $20 por auto  (Via PayPal ) | Bitcoin / Ether Accepted!!       

Requirements: Have Paypal or BTC Wallet 

Take a look to those images / Imagenes en el URL     







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  • Administrators

Please add images representing the models for use in MTA. We also need to see more specifications about the models like size and etc.

What you have sent are images from a different site.

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