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Check part of a function


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I would like to check a part of my function, he works good but he is not checking and updating.

	local playername = getPlayerName(getLocalPlayer())
	local avatar = getElementData(getLocalPlayer(), "avatar")

		if playername then
			if avatar >= 1 then
				dxDrawImage(x*639,y*306.5,x*94,y*94, "avatars/"..avatar..".png")

What i want is check this part of the function and when he don't detect the player name on log in, his avatar change immediately.

I tried to use a timer but when i put it, this part of the script stopped work. 

Can you guys help? ❤️ 


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I suggest you using the global variable ´localPlayer’ instead of calling getLocalPlayer() function that use less CPU. Also when you know you will use the same function in the same part of code multiple times you may want to declare a variable to save CPU

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