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[Blog] Deathmatch update (by eAi)


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  • MTA Team

Not much to update people on at the moment, hence the relative infrequency of the blog posts recently.

We're all working hard on Deathmatch and all the pieces are finally coming together now. Once we've got all the features in that we want - we're almost there - we'll be following the same process we did with Race 1.0, using our Quality Assurance team to test the mod thoroughly. We hope that this testing stage will be shorter than Race 1.0's (which took almost 3 months!), but its hard to tell at this stage. Many of the issues we fixed for Race would have affected Deathmatch too, so this should be easier.

We've still got a few interesting features for Deathmatch up our collective sleeves, so watch this space for the first information on these over the next few weeks!


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  • 1 month later...

Well its good to hear the MTA team tell us the progress,

make it seem like its going somewhere...which it is 8)


they should add this to the webcite,

add some news, or a link to this thread, since it is public anyways

(this would promote more people to join forums too!)

this MTA sounds a bit different from the old one...

more features 'n' stuff (but then again they are useing Blue Core now so)

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