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Gamemode possibility


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Ok... I thought this would be kinda fun. Say one person is... "It". The person who is It has to run away from everyone else and they have to kill him. Whoever kills him is It next. The person who is It for the longest wins. Also put a time limit on the game so it doesn't last forever. I thought it would be pretty intense to have 10 people driving after you shooting at you :lol:

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Reminds me of a classic game of survival, nice. Something like this could be developed through the SDK program for the deathmatch version.

Maybe suggestions of what to add into this mode would be interesting also.

What are the player limits for example, respawn points, would pickups be available etc.

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Basically that is manhunt, something that has been played in MTA since before mtama, and the first ever gamemode script that shipped for it.

Do a forum search for the keyword 'Manhunt' to read the previous discussions about it.

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