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[2020] A Year in Recap and Season Greetings


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On 25/12/2020 at 06:35, jhxp said:

Patrik has been putting a lot of effort into designing the new Community site - we would love to see those designs replace the old site one day.

This is awesome to hear. I read through the specification document for the new community site and it looks very well scoped. Exciting things are in the works.

I started my journey in MTA with mapping, then moving onto programming, and now I have worked professionally for 2 years as a product manager & software developer at a few startups. I would love to explore how I might be able to add value to the new community site. That is, if you guys are interested and have room for me! @jhxp who would be the right person to get in touch with on this?

It is lovely to see MTA continue to thrive.

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