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MTA:SA Servers on TimberHost - www.timberhost.com.br

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Hello guys, what's up? Carlos from TimberHost here bringing some news. In first place I would like to wish Mery Christimas and a Happy New Year in advance to everyone. I just ask you to be careful because the pandemic is still there and nobody wants to get covid, right? Well, having said that, let's continue.

Our company has a series of news on the MTA Host and I'm passing by to show you. Let's go!

  • 2-day trial plan
  • Low latency servers
  • Super Download + Mods Compactor pro
  • TeaSpeak for free on every plan
  • Mod Manager
  • MySql Database
  • Channel for advertisements on Facebook and Discord
  • Professional Anti-DDoS Protection
  • TCAdmin Management Panel

Are you interested in our company? Visit us at the links below

- Website: https://timberhost.com.br
- Discord: https://timberhost.com.br/discord
- TeaSpeak: ts3.timberhost.com.br
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/timberhost
- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/timberhost.br/

Oops: Welcome to Timber

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