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Worked fine untill GTA:SA Rumble HELP

Guest MrMatt

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I've played mta for many happy months and i thought id have a go at Rumble which i found. Dissapointing to me to say the least. Anyway wheni came back to MTA I found that i now get connection time outs when i try to connect to a server. I have checked and i m not called "player". Solving this would make me very happy as i no longer own the original game so re-installing would be difficult.

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I also have this problem now.

u need to install to copies of san adreas for gta rumble
But GTARumble only overwrites the 2 files in the data\scripts\ folder, I have backed these up for when I want to play the game in single mode.

When I try to connect to my own MTA server it times out (local but a friend can connect to me find from external. and he also has GTARumble installed. And I think he didnt replace the /data/script/ files before starting MTA!!!

Does anyone else have some issues here so we can try and work out the cause of the problem?


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The file "d3d9.dll" in the root seemed to be the file stopping MTA loading, just moved this file out, MTA works fine, put it back GTARumble works fine.

HTH someone.

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