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[HELP] Prevent Ped From Sit In Vehicle After Carjack

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The only way right now is it to interrupt the entering task, like you do when you hold movement keys as a player during jacking. If you set the "backwards" control state after jacking starts, you can do this.

The current implementation of jacking is very lacking in this aspect. If jacking is aborted for one of many reasons, the server doesn't know how far the jacker is, ie. if he physically pulled out the jacked ped yet, so it relies on the jacker to abort properly. But for peds, if the syncer changes the jacking isn't aborted properly and the jacker will be warped into the car. This is something I plan on improving, and also add a client and server event for when jacking physically starts, as it could be useful in many scripts.

-- onClientPedJacked: when a ped/player has been actually jacked from a vehicle by the local player or syncing ped.
-- Source: ped that got jacked
-- 1st parameter: ped that jacked the other ped
addEvent("onClientPedJacked", false)

local ENTER_RESPONSE_TIMEOUT = 600 -- Time for server to ack our entry request and we start entering otherwise we consider it declined
-- Sub tasks to indicate we are actually jacking now
local PED_JACK_TASKS = {
	["TASK_SIMPLE_CAR_SHUFFLE"] = true, -- Jacking through passenger seat
	["TASK_SIMPLE_CAR_GET_IN"] = true, -- Jumping on a bike from the front

local timerData = {}
local getPedTask = getPedTask
local isElement = isElement
local getVehicleController = getVehicleController

local function stopEnterVehicleTimer()
	timerData[sourceTimer] = nil

local function onEnterVehicleFrame()
	if not isElement(timerData[sourceTimer].jackingPed) then
		return stopEnterVehicleTimer()

	local pedTaskComplex, pedTaskSimple = getPedTask(timerData[sourceTimer].jackingPed, "primary", 3)
	if not pedTaskComplex then
		pedTaskComplex = ""
	if pedTaskComplex:sub(1, 22) ~= "TASK_COMPLEX_ENTER_CAR" then
		if timerData[sourceTimer].enterTaskActive then
			return stopEnterVehicleTimer()
			if getTickCount() - timerData[sourceTimer].enterTick > ENTER_RESPONSE_TIMEOUT then
				return stopEnterVehicleTimer()

	timerData[sourceTimer].enterTaskActive = true
	if PED_JACK_TASKS[pedTaskSimple] then
		triggerEvent("onClientPedJacked", timerData[sourceTimer].jackedPed, timerData[sourceTimer].jackingPed)
		return stopEnterVehicleTimer()
	if not isElement(timerData[sourceTimer].veh) then
		return stopEnterVehicleTimer()
	if not isElement(timerData[sourceTimer].jackedPed) then
		return stopEnterVehicleTimer()
	if getVehicleController(timerData[sourceTimer].veh) ~= timerData[sourceTimer].jackedPed then
		return stopEnterVehicleTimer()

local function onClientVehicleStartEnter(jackingPed, seat, door)
	if jackingPed ~= localPlayer and not isElementSyncer(jackingPed) then return end
	if seat ~= 0 then return end
	local jackedPed = getVehicleController(source)
	if not jackedPed then return end
	for k,v in ipairs(timerData) do
		if v.jackingPed == ped then return end
	local timer = setTimer(onEnterVehicleFrame, 0, 0)
	timerData[timer] = {
		enterTick = getTickCount(),
		jackingPed = jackingPed,
		jackedPed = jackedPed,
		veh = source,
		enterTaskActive = false,
addEventHandler("onClientVehicleStartEnter", root, onClientVehicleStartEnter)

You can use above snippet, "onClientPedJacked" triggers when ped is physically getting jacked by local player or syncing ped. Set control state "backwards" when this event triggers, and release it again when the ped is no longer entering (see TASK_COMPLEX_ENTER_CAR in the snippet above). Let me know if you need an example for that.

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