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ban appeal for ruben


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as we know @Ruben 0495was banned for the problems he caused years ago.And we know that caused many problems to servers and MTA and unbanning him wont look like much difference but he is not what he was at that time he is more mature and we (implict gaming team) members hope MTA team considers a unban be cause we were on a project to bring implict back hope we could discuss more on this 

sincerely glitch144

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

Let me clarify:

- You can only appeal permanent global bans on this board
- Last week, he was supposed to receive a global ban of less than a week. Something went wrong and it accidentally became permaban.
It's corrected now, so the ban was temporary and removed now. You can tell him that.

But anyways, the global ban and new forum ban was due to repeated forum ban evading. You cannot appeal forum bans on this board, but I can tell you the forum ban (and our intention to hand out measures every time he tries to evade it) will remain unchanged.
We have tried to see if he changed and stopped causing trouble multiple times in the past, and he never did, even when several years were inbetween. And we have plenty of reasons to keep him out, simply his behavior won't be forgiven.

Anyways if you came here mainly for the global ban issue, well as you can see it's solved.

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