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Need help / Помогите / Socorro

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spacer.pngAfter updating the MTA, I got this information window, how can I remove it? I play on the same server - МТА PUBG // 
После обновления МТА у меня появилась это окно информации, как её убрать? Играю на одном сервере — МТА ПАБГ // 
Após atualizar o MTA, obtive esta janela de informações, como posso removê-lo? Eu jogo no mesmo servidor - MTA PABG //


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36 minutes ago, Tut said:


From what I understand it's giving a heads up that the Nightly version of MTA has better memory usage. Memory may be an issue on the server you're playing on, so it would make sense that they are recommending you to update your MTA.

In this notification window it is written: "Attention. The error of insufficient memory on new versions of MTA has been fixed."
I installed what you recommended. MTA started to work a little more stable, but the notification did not go away :(
Thanks anyway!

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33 minutes ago, Tut said:

Perhaps the Server Staff will know how to get rid of the message.

If you search around you might find a Discord or site hosted by the Server.

I guess that know, but this server is "dead". Creator just get donation, pay for host and that all.

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