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[Discussion] What is roleplaying in MTA?


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Hi, I'm trying to imagine a great MTA roleplaying experience, so I've created this topic so you can write your input.


Here's how I see it.


Roleplaying is:

- Players should have realistic names

- Guns are hard to get, cars are hard to get, bicycles are not hard to get

- Powerful guns are very hard to get

- There should be some civilian jobs where you need other players to even do the job

- You need bars where people gather and talk

- You need animations and the ability to change your skin and buy clothes

- Chat bubbles above your head so u can talk with nearby players



Please help me with your ideas & understanding about what a roleplaying server should have.

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I have experience in RP games. In other words, I literally played not only on MTA servers, but also on other RP games. For example, Fallout 3 and some games like that. But the features you mentioned are very few. For example, I would prefer servers to have more voice calls, and you have to pay taxes for them after you buy a car or other vehicle. It is very important to have banks in all for this too. Then the speed limit of cars. Being fined. Some things like that.

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