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can somone help me:(..

Guest Burton

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i just bought vice city and its making these glitches at the top of the screen like 20-30 minutes into gameplay.. like the whole top screen will go wave like and then ill have to restart the computer.. i phoned up future shop and got ahold of this guy who irnonically had the same problem with his gta3 and he got a link of a gta3 forum site that helped his problem

so i was jsut wondering if anyone else has something that would fix this.. i downloaded direct x 9.0a to see if it would help but no luck

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even though this isnt the right place to post this prob(isnt this forum for MTA only?)... you have to enable Vsync on your monitor i think. its either in VC's options or your comp's display options...basically, what is happening to your monitor is called "tearing"... i think it happens when your monitor's refresh rate isnt fast enough for the game... or somethin...

try gtaforums.com

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