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AC #4 BAN: Project 414 cheat kicked you


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я захожу в игру и мне пишет "AC #4 BAN: Project 414 cheat kicked you" можете пожалуйста помочь разобраться.

Я признаюсь что использовал сторонее ПО. Помогите пожалуйста.

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As we all know, MTA forks, also known as the "russian projects" (such as RP BOX, Next RP, MTA Province) have a very limited anti-cheat, so cheating there is much more rampant than on the 'real' MTA. But still, occasionally we help forks reduce usage of specific cheats, reaching out with an alternative type of detection that will cause a ban wave.

This is what happened last week, and is still ongoing - cheaters on forks are getting mass banned. We don't need your excuses, no one likes cheaters so as I said, when we can help forks, we won't leave that chance.

Temporary bans cannot be appealed, and forks cheating bans can't be appealed at all. Ban appeal denied. If you don't like what happened, then don't cheat again after your ban expires

Update: in your case, you tried cheat tools made for forks (by said "Project414" cheat provider) on the official MTA.. besides being a forks player, though. Neither that is smart, and will obviously get you banned as well.

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