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Oppressor Mk2


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First of all my main intention here is not about creating or releasing this mod, but to express my views. This mod is made during my revisit to MTA after a very long time just to see the current vibe of this community, and it is great apart from increasing number of snowflakes which is common everywhere else BTW. While trying out different servers, an idea quickly sparked which is to emulate GTA:O Mk2's movement with SA's physics powered by MTA's scripting capabilities and made me badly want to recreate similar experience. So there goes my attempt and the best I could do within this short span.

Future Updates?
I'm departing as my purpose of revisit is over, and any furthur updates are left to public, so feel free to make changes.

A few things I neglected,

  1. Writing in OOP which will shrink the code alot.
  2. Compacting checkers on Render.
  3. Checking [Key] instead of [Control], which may cease to work if clients use non default binds for vehicle movement.
  4. Compressing textures in txd file, huge files are a disadvantage.

And after that, what all does this mod lacks?

  • Sound Effects (It feels weird to do so without inbuilt function like engineLoadSound/engineReplaceSound?, also not really interesting to script more.)
  • Boost/Nitro addition (Offsets for effects are added already, so it will be easy for anyone who wish to complete it.)
  • Animation (It's not at all that bad with the existing one apart from resting legs when idle)
  • Weapons/Projectiles (Easy, but no time)
  • Flares/Chaff/Smoke (Easy, same excuse)
  • Terrorbyte? Maybe (With inbuilt customization for Mk2)

Now talking about MTA,
I have alot to talk about MTA, improvements, missing features, peculiar standards in MTA source code and its disputes (only as a constructive criticism), etc nevertheless I am keeping it narrow. And with that I will list few of my ideas for anyone watching which may sound irrational but nothing is impossible if you have the will.

  1. MTA Currency & Exchange, a system like DevEx. Exchange of ingame goods among server owners and clients.
  2. MTA Library, marketplace for sharing or selling resource, via MTA Currency.
  3. MTA Servers, quickly deploying mta-servers for customers wanting to host it securly, paid ofcourse.
  4. MTA Studio, I have seen some good news about limit adjuster. Ff it takes off then editor for new map/terrain/model/animation/etc will make sense.

I don't know if the founders or legacy developers considered MTA as an income strategy, but lets be honest, what's so bad about it?

There is a great potential with few i mentioned which will lead MTA to an enterprise level. I don't know if it does conflict between MTA and Rockstar's policies, if any.

Any Note?
Wishing MTA team to continue growing with more and more new developers raising the pace of developement each time.
At last I may or may not return regardless I wish to hear that current limiting factors are broken like Eir or Limit Adjuster, still I am glad that I enjoyed my little time in MTA.


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As the picture below speaks, go ahead and try it.


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