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GTASA - Coming Home : by GamingKrazy and CoZ


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>>>>>>Link here <<<<<<

its on google video , so no reason not to check it out :P

basic plot

we see CJ put his luggage down ... "after 5 years it was time to go home"

well .... i can tell you , it was quitte a bumpy ride

even before the whole Officer Tenpenny situation

somehow this didnt really show in the single player

so we made a reconstruction

we zoom in back to CJ after a brief fuelstop on verdant meadows

(well it was kinda impossible to start at francis intl airport :P)

and the rest is just one click away

anyway enough ranting

Pilot , me in mta , camera by gamingkrazy

ambulance and taxi by gamingkrazy in singleplayer

big thanks to everyone who made this possible, R* , mta team and not to forget GamingKrazy for not going mental during the creation of this movie

anyway , enjoy and leave comments

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Lol, the story about the landing gear is, he thought he pulled it in at the start but he didnt, so when he got to the end and wanted to land he pushed the landing button but the wheels went back in so he crashed :P

all part of the story .. nothing to worry about :roll:

else .. im still sticking to it not being sync-ed :roll:;)

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