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Looking for a gangwar. TLR VCK or VCP? VCES?


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Hi all. Looking for a gangwar, 3 on 3 match. VC or SA is okay, only thing we ask is should you choose VCMP, no spaz will be allowed.

3 Matches, 1 defend, 1 attack, 1 all out DM.

Looking for one of the gangs mentioned above, but if you're not up there and you'd like to give it a shot, gimee a holla. Hit me up on MSN if you wanna talk - [email protected] :)

-[LVG]Rob (Co-Captain)

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You're the one who wants to ask for a gangwar, not them :wink:

Indeed, and that's why you should contact them and not them contacting you.

You can post in their thread or forums or whatever, just don't start things like this whenever you feel to play.

So this thread should be locked I think :?

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