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I have a few suggestions.

Guest SolsticeDaRhymemasta

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I have some suggestions for the MTA team.

Nothing big, and no hurry.

1. In the map editor, would it be possible to make a "map type selection"?'

if i want to make a cops n robbers map, it adjusts to that kind of map, so i can set out different spawnpoints with different vehicles, without vehiclechange pickup.

2. Is it possible to make so the different spawnpoints makes the players "radarblips" different colors?

So the robbers may be red, and the cops, blue, on the radar?

3. Is it possible to make it possible to join a game and just spectate?

4. Is it possible to get a "vote-kick"? (/vote kick "player-withextremehacks"

5. Is it possible to get acess to the "options menu", for graphic settings and controls, without starting up "SA"?

6. Map menu? very helpful on big cops n robbers maps :)

Maybe "press "M" for On-Screen-Map" (relaease "M" to quit)?

As you have probably guessed, im a big fan of Cops n Robbers :)

But Cat n Mouse isnt so popular.

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i havent been to this forum before som before i wrote this topic i read some of the suggestions i didnt find any of them, but these was just some of my ideas...

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