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About Our Server IP Position




Our servers with a large audience will have problems with the position and we want to take precautions.

I recently received an e-mail from the company we are in and the content of the mail was as follows;

Mail Screenshot: https://imgur.com/0AnaRlU

Translate of the mail:


"Dear Customer,
The details for the datacenter upgrade/change work to be carried out -to maximize our service quality and safety- are as follows. The whole process will be under control with our expert team, and your servers will continue to work from where they were left off, without any data loss.

The Datacenter change will take place between 23:00 and 08:00 at midnight connecting Sunday, 15.11.2020 to Monday, 16.11.2020. (DD/MM/YYYY) With this positive development, your service quality will be secured at the highest level of certification. There will only be an IP change after the migration. Your services will continue from where they left off."

In the article I mentioned above, the company states that the IP will change necessarily. Since the current IP position on the MTA list is in the rankings, we don't want the position to go because this is the reason for player loss for us.

The company said that we had to change the IP and it could not help in any way.

We do not want to lose our current position. I would like you to help in this matter.

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First of all, I am opening this topic to express my victimization and get help.

Topic ; The company that we compulsorily host in Turkey took our server away from us and our 8-year position has been taken from us, and we cannot reach it in any way.

I have been in conversation with CCW, one of the forum administrators, about the change of position in the server list for almost 4 months and he had approved this situation, but I forwarded the current IP address and I could not get a response and cannot reach it.

I'm writing to other forum moderators and can't get a response from anyone..

We do not want to do this arbitrarily, our efforts are at stake here and our players are waiting for us to take our position. I'm asking the admins for help on this. Please help me.

Best regards

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This topic has been open since 11 days, but I can't get a response about it.

As I mentioned, there is an issue that I am a victim of. I want you to help.

I hope you understand my grievance and help me. Best regards and love...

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