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A bummer if it is to prevent TXD cheats. Since I am the developer of Magic.TXD I would be heartbroken if valid TXD mods like mipmaps are disabled by default. But I might pretend to not care just to have a good relationship with the MTA devs...

I did try to download the earliest possible 1.5.8 build on nightly.mtasa.com but it seems like all the downloadable builds have been patched already. Or the data files are downloaded independently of the nightly.

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8 minutes ago, LuciferMorningstar said:

Yes, I noticed that as well. I have just installed custom gun mods but somehow they've been replaced with the default ones. And the game is unplayable whenever it loads smth my SSD usage spikes up to 100% and it stays like that for a while till I get kicked from the server. My specs: R5-3600, RTX 2060, 16 GB RAM

Have the same behavior with the replaced models...

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