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Disappearing objects outside the window


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Sorry for my English, I think it is fairly understandable
I have a problem with objects that disappear behind windows, most often cars. I make my own models and it is problematic. Is there any solution for this?

Here are photos of how it looks: https://imgur.com/a/EhP1EWM

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Yes i turned on the alpha transparency flag.
After changing to id 17448 it happened: https://imgur.com/a/d1xk8BC half of the building disappeared

After making the glass from this guide:

The glass is not visible

"3. Give the window glass a new material which has opacity set to 35/100. Do not give it any bitmap/texture"

Is this value an alpha channel?




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Sorry, I meant that you should replace the ID only for the glass. The ID uses the correct alpha rendering flags from its object IDE.

Separate the glass into a new object and replace the ID I provided. It's for transcluent materials only.

Yeah that's the alpha channel. Though I believe Kam's scripts wants a bitmap in the slot for it to even export, so you may have to provide one.


I'm moving this to the Modelling forum for best results.

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It doesn't look like there's anything you can do on a modeling level to fix this. It's something that MTA would have to patch, and I believe there's an issue for it on our Github.

You may be able to circumvent the issues by using shaders, however I'm not knowledgeable in that area.

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Hello again
I noticed that through the first glass I created in 3ds max you can see all objects normally. But after this glass is cloned, objects begin to penetrate the glass. I'm sending photos of what it looks like: 1 glass is basic 2 glass is clone 1 m2eQaMx.jpg

Texture i was adding Magic.TXD compressed DXT5

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