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My ban has been extended in a way I don't understand

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I'm banned for 24 hours. When I entered the game 24 hours later, I saw my ban extended to 30 days. Can you lift my ban? I'm really not gonna do that again. It was a mistake, I didn't do it on purpose. It's hard to wait 30 days. Will you please help me? I'm really not gonna do that again. You can follow me. I know I'll be banned indefinitely next time, so make sure I don't do it again. Please :(
Serial: 8FC63E790BB842136E8831304FA846A1

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Temporary bans cannot be appealed.

Your ban is a result of your cheating-related activities, that consisted of trying to bypass certain detections. We know you didn't succeed, but your activity alone is enough to warrant this ban.

Upon your ban expiring, please return to play as a normal player, to avoid future problems.

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