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[For Sale]NowadayZ v2.0 Gamemode


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Youtube Video Showing Gamemode


■ 7 Backpacks

■ 9 Skins

■ 50 Weapons

■ 745 Vehicles in map ( All GTA Vehicles)

■ User Panel (F1) (HUD, Draw distance, Fps limiter, Crosshair, Manage Account, Shaders: Skybox, Realistic Effects, Water, Global Textures, Car Reflect) "Easy to add new crosshairs"

■ Group System (F2) (Alliances)(Team Indicator)(By: Rex)(DataBase)

■ Zombies (10 Types of Zombies) (Fast Zombies) (Bosses)

■ Animals (3 Types of animals: Bear, Fox, Wolf)

■ Leaderboard (Kills, Deaths, K/D Groups, KDR, KDR Groups)(DataBase)

■ Downloader (Downloads in Game)(Reduces 38% of the weight of downloaded files)

■ Stable systems

■ Smart NPC's

■ AirDrop

■ Custom Clothes (Shaders)

■ Optimized Refresh Loot

■ Utilities (Cords to TXT, .map to .lua, DGS, Camera Position, guieditor)


Link to BUY: https://hadestec.myshopify.com/products/nowadayz-v2-0-multi-theft-auto-dayz-game-mode

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