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[English][RolePlay] Intense Gaming - 'Where the world becomes what you make it!"

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- Website/Forums: https://www.forums.intensegaming.net
- UCP: https://ucp.intensegaming.net
- Support Center: http://ucp.intensegaming.net/support
- Discord: https://discord.gg/xsVagDe


 Come join us!!:    mtasa://


IntenseGaming is a gaming community, founded in July 2010 on Sa-Mp. We've been editing along the way as we grow in hopes of creating a unique and enjoyable experience for the MTA Role-Player.

IntenseGaming has decided to take the scripts, keep changing, editing and adding new features and hopefully create a new experience. With devotion, dedication, and hope, the possibilities are endless. With the feedback from the whole community and a driven develop staff, IntenseGaming is growing and will one day become something new and unique.

Now, what does IntenseGaming offer?

First, we offer the ability to modify your vehicle to your personal preference. This includes anything from editing the handling of the vehicle to placing modifications on the car.  


Vehicle library containing custom cars each with it's own configuration



However, our vehicle system isn't the only feature that we provide. We also offer a dynamic faction system that allows the complete customization of that faction. Also, what would a role-play server be like with a phone system. Now, we have completly redigned this phone and all icons to be more appealing and more personal to the user. Allowing multiple different models as well.



Individualized faction management system



Multiple Dynamic faction creation system.



Faction leaders can control every aspect of their duty settings.



Our custom model phone system.

Our server has not only tons of endless features, but also, interactive models that assist the players with everyday actions. Need your vehicle unimpounded, need to pass a toll gate, or need something from the store? Our NPCs are there to help!







Server Rules are a big thing here at IntenseGaming. We take rulebreaking very seriously. If a player sees a rule breaker, we have a great reporting system in-game, as well as, on our UCP that allows us to discreetly handle certain situations. 



We provide a list of our rules for easy-to-read access straight from the server.



Our extensive F2 reporting system.


This isn't even all that we have to offer. Our server has so much to provide, I'm sure you'll find that it is the right place for you.


For more information about our server or our community, feel free to visit us.

We appreciate your time and hope to see you soon!

- IntenseGaming Upper Administration

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On 21/10/2020 at 03:21, BLonwei said:

Now, we have completly redigned this phone and all icons to be more appealing and more personal to the user. Allowing multiple different models as well.


On 21/10/2020 at 03:21, BLonwei said:


Our custom model phone system.

Gotta give you credit for the look of the phone though, it's priceless =)))

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