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How will rockstar north make GTA4?


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I was just thinking of gta4, And what it would need to have and the amount of work, They would have to re-create entire cities with high-poly next gen detail for each building indoors and outdoors, Plus make more features and minigames than in SA and more sophisticated, integrate a better physics system with ragdolls and exc., Make much more detailed characters with facial animations, An island bigger than SA, and things like that, Well the point i'm trying to make with all this rambling is: How do you think Rockstar North will manage all those tasks? If you have ever modelled of mapped anything you would know that even small things take time, They need to do so many things that the task seems borderline impossible, How do you think they will go around this?

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They need to do so many things that the task seems borderline impossible, How do you think they will go around this?

Rockstar have alot of people working for the business, they dont just have individuals to do one certain task, they are all split up into different groups to design and develop different sections of the game. All the people to begin with are obviously trained to what they are able to do, they dont just take average programmers, animators, graphic designers etc, of the streets and get thrown a hand full of money at them.

If they ever needed more people to help create the next generation of GTA on the bigger consoles like the PS3 etc, they would then look further into recruiting or signing up people to help develop the project, people who have good experience would obvioulsy be called up perhaps if trusted.

Rockstar isnt just a one place HQ, they have other organisations to help along also and other members of the huge team to help develop the game and test the game to the right standards, Take 2 QA Europe, Rockstar London etc.

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get more people?


They've definitely got enough money to.

They also got enough lawyers *cough* Jack Thompson *cough* and enough senators *cough* Hilary Clinton *cough* to complain about them.

Rockstar is undefeatable in court though. It's like... hm... Dunno. My mind is a bit fuzzy today. But Rockstar still have lots of money even if they lose in court, so...

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