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My story as a notorious gang leader


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Hey guys,

I used to play MTA for some years, some years ago, and i've spend a lot of time and effort in a gang back then which got banned for being to powerful back when CIT had the highest players. Like 9 years ago. At the end my gang was doing tuf wars 24/7. 

It was a great time, one that i'll never experience anymore. Only thing i have left from that time are a couple screenshots, mostly low quality, i lost the high quality ones sadly. So i decided to tell that story in a video because it's a great memory.

If anyone here want to hear about it you can find it here:



Thanks for your time guys, stay safe & keep mta alive.

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1 hour ago, Dutchman101 said:

Interesting story.. as you may know, CIT RPG server is still very much alive. Maybe you can return and make some more MTA or CIT content?

Hey, thanks! Well as tempting mta can be, I know i don't have the time for this anymore. After my ban i started to build my own server which took me several years. What i do now from time to time is seperating my scripts and uploading them on the community. ( https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=profile&id=452888 )

On the other hand, there are a lot of interesting things to do in mta, i might take an extra visit every now and then, but not anymore on a serious way.

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