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Hello, please can anyone help me how i can get more players with stats in gridlist? i always get only one player..

function stats (stat1, stat2, stat3)
guiGridListSetItemText(stattab, 0, 1, stat1[1], false, false)
guiGridListSetItemText(stattab, 0, 2, stat2[1], false, false)
guiGridListSetItemText(stattab, 0, 3, stat3[1], false, false)
addEvent("stats", true)
addEventHandler("stats", getRootElement(), stats)

function stats2 ()
	local stat1 = {}
	local stat2 = {}
	local stat3 = {}
	local result = dbQuery(database,"SELECT * FROM stats")
	local poll = dbPoll(result, -1)
	for i,v in ipairs(poll) do
		table.insert(stat1, v["stat1"])
		table.insert(stat2, v["stat2"])
		table.insert(stat3, v["stat3"])
	triggerClientEvent(source, "stats", source, stat1, stat2, stat3)
addEvent("stats2", true)
addEventHandler("stats2", getRootElement(), stats2)


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