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CIT Cops 'n' Robbers, Gang Wars, Civilians - Feedback


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After watching mtaqa Twitch stream hosted by @Woovie which included some time spent playing on CIT I realised that there are some obvious flaws which never get reported on our forum especially things that affect new players as our forum is unlikely to ever get feedback from brand new players.

From watching Woovie's stream these problems were pointed out and have been fixed:

  • Tutorial UI having a line that wasn't straight which was what he switched to full screen mode to try fix.
  • Doubled the strength of the marker shader texture so it's more visible.
  • Made the text when entering certain markers much more visible.

So I thought that rather than using this topic to advertise, it would be better to receive feedback from anyone whose just tried the server out. This topic isn't for you to rant about some nonsense made up by dramatists.

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