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[Help] "onVehicleEnter"


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HELP :) 

How "onVehicleEnter" or "onVehicleEnter" and "onVehicleExit" or "onClientVehicleExit" works like the animation, ped automatically search the front left door, then open anim...

If I press the F button which anims are activated and how this function work ? :) 

I want to create a script, when I close enough to one ped(createPed) then ped automatically finds the nearestdoor, and enter the vehicle...

I already have some functions my ped can detect cars, can find the nearest door, after that I calculate the rotation of the ped, where the ped have to walk (setPedAnimation)...if close enough (getDistanceBetweenPoints3D) I stop the anim, after that I get the cars z rotation and set the same to ped .... anim(CAR_open_RHS) ... open door(setVehicleDoorOpenRatio) ... anim(CAR_getin_RHS) ... warpPedIntoVehicle ... close door(setVehicleDoorOpenRatio) ... anim()...etc


But some of the anims are not work well, ped vibrates during anims... I dont know the correct positions where to start anim and rotations :) 

Sooo if anyone understand this and can HELP 

I'd be grateful for it



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