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I'd like to announce TTH here..

Ticket to Hell ( [TTH] ) is an Multi theft Auto clan. Multi Theft Auto (MTA) is an multiplayer modification for GTA III, GTA Vice City and eventually GTA San Andreas.Way back in MTA 0.3r2 Lucifer decided to start a clan together with Rebel and so [TTH] was born. After a while we recruited a few people that were often found in our stunt server at that time. Then we started playing death match and recruiting even more people and we had lot's of fun. After that we recruited lot's of members, that we needed to use Teamspeak instead of Ventrilo because Ventrilo only had 8 slots and we needed more. Then MTA 0.5 was released and many of us thought about stopping with MTA due to many bugs and increased lag. And some members left the clan. But after a while we decided 2 go on. Then we participated in the NL league (organized by The Majestic Twelve). And we were one of the few that did not withdraw from that league. Because other clans did withdraw there was not much competition in the league, and there was a bit of a disagreement between us and the league founders so the league did not turn out very well. After that we were a bit in active with wars and only played in the public server. At the moment we are only playing un official wars. We are still looking to join a decent league or clan ladder.

So far an introduce about TTH a while back, almost a year ago. We're still active in MTA:VC, because we still have some community, and fun too. I'll be looking forward for any new features and developments created by the MTA team..

Our clan:








- [TTH]Toxic

- [TTH]Simbad

- [TTH]MrX

- [TTH]Psycho

- [TTH]AeroX

- [TTH]ZoxxY

- [TTH]Phirana

- [TTH]Exotica

- [TTH]Arnoud

- [TTH]MoRo

- [TTH]Lunatic

- [TTH]Bullit

- [TtT]Postal

- [TtT]Bonfire

- [TtT]Apha


Public MTA:VC Server:

Public MTA:SA Racing Server:

Note: Yes, we also have a Private server, but Game-Monitor havent configurate it yet, rofl.


Main Site ( Under construction! )

Clan forum

Live Stats


We're already a very old Dutch clan, and I havent seen any post of TTH yet, so yea.. why not.

Currently, we're also waiting for any DM releases of SA, because VC almost died.


NapskeN ~

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