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Ban appeal

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İ create ban appeal 3 4 days ago i say im banned for 20days for trainer pls unban me etc... Then ı banned forever.I playin this game since 2010 other cheaters in DD scene colza sentinel onecaddy etc a lot playing still!..pls dont be ruthless.Even if you gave it a mont,I would have learned my lesson from mistake I have only one request to be turned into 1month to my ban thanks for read.

My serial:D0425633FEA9A029675D22ED7D98FDA4


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To the above posters. You cannot vouch for another player to be unbanned here, or try to argue that a player is given an unfair ban by not banning the rest.

This section is clealy to appeal your own ban and not someone else's.

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Ban appeal remains denied. In the notification we sent you, it was described that this ban isn't primarily cheating related, but has more to do with illegal activity.

The amount of times you appeal or who you send to vouch for you won't make a difference


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