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Help me !! BUG


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SIMPLY I CANNOT ENTER ANY SERVER. say I'm banned by serial? wtf ... i was never banned, the worst thing is in all the SERVERS Please help me .. just wanted to play !! my serial:    68CB27D928A893E79983E8430D712353

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The serial is not banned by MTA.

Please post a screenshot of what the error says. It could be a connection issue on your end, as you state that it happens on all servers.

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can you do a reset?


On 22/09/2020 at 21:36, Tut said:

O serial não é proibido pelo MTA.

Por favor, poste uma captura de tela do que diz o erro. Pode ser um problema de conexão do seu lado, já que você afirma que isso acontece em todos os servidores.

can you do a reset?
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