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Fui Banido Permanente

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Fui banido do MTA, Primeiro ontem eu fui banido por SPOOTER HW, fui tentar rodar para testa e acabei que nao reniciei o pc e fui banido 1 dia.

Hoje fui ver o tempo de ban e estava banido permanente por MUDANÇA DE SÉRIE sendo que eu não tentei mudar meu serial não estava usando nada eu apenas Formatei meu computador.

Queria saber se posso ser desbanido.

Meu Serial: 14E93332109BECD56AA4CD3551554942

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Acho que estava rodando alguma coisa e não vi pesco desculpas. Eu não tentei rodar nada para ser desbanido de servidores porque o servidor que jogo não estou banido. o SPOOFER de HW não foi para usar no mta.



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Standard response: "SERIAL CHANGE" bans

The serial that got banned is a changed serial, unauthentic. Trying to change your serial can cause you to get banned like this, especially when the new serial sticks to you MTA has no other choice than to ban it, and tell the user: undo whatever you changed, as your real serial isn't banned.

In the case of a spoofer (like here), it means uninstalling the spoofer or at the very least ensuring that it's not running, and doesn't boot with your PC so that it changes stuff in advance. In the case of a change to your PC to deliberately change your serial (if we know that it was deliberate), it means that you're obliged to undo said change.

In simple terms, stop trying to change your serial, accept your loss (we can't be manipulated into removing bans on faked serials, MTA has plenty of measures to prevent a change in the first place but in the rare event that it succeeds, there are also measures to stop you from practically using it - like this sort of ban) and don't pretend you dont know how to stop using the faked serial. Revert whatever you did, and stop using whatever you used to change or spoof stuff. Really simple.

These instructions are the answer. Good luck!

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