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Bug with the scope when shooting

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Hello, this is normal, come back in minutes or run the  command  /reconnect .

I know that sometimes it happens with most players***!!

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This is a script problem on the server in question.. contact the server owner, or if that's you, post all of the scripts that you figure can be relevant in this topic.

4 hours ago, jackergarden said:

and I also tried as a solution to install a sight script

If the problem caused you to try that script, then there was already a resource causing it in the first place. Instead of trying to fix a script problem by adding random resources, you should focus on identifying the script that has a problem.


post all of the scripts that you figure can be relevant in this topic

My guess: start by looking for scripts that use https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetWeaponProperty

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1 hour ago, jackergarden said:

Hi bro, I was checking the resources of my server and I did not find any that have that function, any solution?

Did you try to disable your hud resource and reconnect?

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