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serial: 04F360C8C7A0FF81A6729B1969272C62

Hi, I've been messing with MTA just out of boredom. I've been permanently banned. I have used a KVM to play the game legit. but... you caught me.

After that I tried to spoof my serial to play legit. No success.


I would just like to play the game legit.


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We both know that your activities (attempted cheat development) are way bigger than your appeal presents it. Also, we have seen some of your messages regarding this ban elsewhere and confirmed that you were lying about the extent of your activities.

For months, you've been carrying out these activities, which included trying to create cheats and bots for MTA. In order to keep trying to bypass detection and work on your projects, you wanted to spoof your serial (as you described) and all this time we have been stopping you.

Yes, you got a couple of tempbans as a result of your projects being detected. But later, when we saw what you were doing, and recognizing you from earlier cheat development activity, we decided to manually extend the ban and make it permanent.

10 hours ago, duxeyo said:

I would just like to play the game legit.

You're not someone that wants to play legit - you're a known cheating scene developer, using aliases on the web: "a8pure / navewindre / duxe" while creating and spreading cheats for other multiplayer games. Even so, we won't forgive you and you will remain permanently banned. Just admit it, MTA anti-cheat is better than you, and you can spread the word & find another game to hack.

Ban appeal denied


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