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attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)


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local crewData = {};

function createCrew(crew, tag, r, g, b)
    if not tostring(crew) or not tostring(tag) or not tonumber(r) or not tonumber(g) or not tonumber(b) then
        return outputDebugString("* createCrew: Wrong args.", 1)
    if doesCrewExist(crew) then
        return outputDebugString("* createCrew: Crew already exists.", 1)
    crewData[crew] = {
        Members = {},
        crewTag = tag,
        Color = {r, g, b},
        Leader = {},
        Experience = 0,
    outputDebugString(crew.." successfully created.")
    return crew

-- getPlayerCrew
function getPlayerCrew(player)
    if not player then 
        return outputDebugString("* getPlayerCrew: Wrong args.", 1)
    local account = getPlayerAccount(player)
    if isGuestAccount(account) then return false end
    local accountName = getAccountName(account)
    for k, v in pairs(crewData) do
        for k1, v1 in pairs(crewData[v].Members) do -- Error: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
            if v1 == accountName then
                return v
    return false

-- addPlayer
function addPlayer(player, crew)
    if not player or not tostring(crew) then 
        return outputDebugString("* addPlayer: Wrong args.", 1)
    local account = getPlayerAccount(player)
    local accountName = getAccountName(account)
    if isGuestAccount(account) then return end
    if getPlayerCrew(player) then return end -- getPlayerCrew is called here.
    table.insert(crewData[crew].Members, accountName)
    return true

I've been scratching my head over this error for a while now. crewData[v]. Members should not be nil. I've tested that by adding a few test strings in Members table (in addPlayer function), and then by this command. It does output the strings, but still gives error when getPlayerCrew is called.

function listMembers(player, cmd, crew)
    for k, v in pairs(crewData[crew].Members) do
        outputChatBox(v, root)
addCommandHandler("fmem", listMembers)


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3 hours ago, Bilal135 said:

Members should not be nil. I've tested that by adding a few test strings

If that error shows up, it isn't only Members that is nil, but also the crew (sub-)table.


Why don't you use your function? You can never trust data that has been inputted by a user after all.








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