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My script doesn't work :( (SetAccountdata)


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function comprarbandito ( thePlayer, command)
     local playeraccount = getPlayerAccount ( source )
     takePlayerMoney ( thePlayer, 500000 )
     setAccountData ( playeraccount, "rc.bandito", adquirido )
addCommandHandler ( "comprarbandito", comprarbandito )

function Banditoadquirido (_, playeraccount )
      if ( playeraccount ) then
            local ban = getAccountData ( playeraccount, "rc.bandito" )
            if ( ban ) then
                  Banditocomprado = true
addEvent ( "banditobuyed", true )
addEventHandler ( "banditobuyed", getRootElement(), Banditoadquirido )

This function takes 500000 dollars to give a player permission to use a RC Bandito in a gui (Like in GTA Online)

but, when i put the command "comprarbandito"  Bad argument @ getplayeraccount, got nil, i never used getplayeraccount or setplayeraccount, and i don't know if the other function (Banditoadquirido) will work :( 

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1 hour ago, Andres99907 said:

argument @ getplayeraccount, got nil

source is only available for events (functions that are executed when an event is triggered +addEventHandler). So it's value is in this case nil(no  value).

Use thePlayer instead, since you need a player element for the function 'getPlayerAccount.'

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