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trainer ban

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hello yesterday i was doing a project myself from vısual, i entered mta for another game and then i was banned by mtadan trainer i request my ban to be opened

serial:   38DE30BA98088A1C8D7E6F5BE0A61A52

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1) You won't be unbanned

2) The reason is that your last unban, we made an agreement that you would stop all of your bad activities, and play MTA as a normal player

I will remind you of this agreement in a PM


3) You broke the agreement, started messing with MTA again, in the category of cheat development / messing with MTA (covered in our agreement).

We know you as a spammer of ban appeals (always with different accounts: examples can be seen here), and it must be clear that this time, you won't be unbanned no matter how persistent you are. Because you got too many chances, and you keep messing them up. It was clear that the last unban was your last chance ever.


Ban appeal denied, don't return @judge231



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