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Respawn question on spawnpoints & pickups/icons

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hmm well i was workin on a cops and robber map and was wondering if there is anyway to specify which spawnpoints will respawn first? for example making it where spawnpoints for a robber would respawn first to make sure there is always a robber instead of running into the problem of all cops. Is it decided by which spawn points come first in the .map file? closest spawn point to where a player dies? any info would be much appreciated.

sry if it has already been mentioned, i searched with no sucess.

*edit* (only saw some info about initial spawn points not respawning)


another question is about the pickups & icons such as bodyarmor(1242) and parachute(1310) and cj_m16 (2035). will these be the pickups used once dm is finished? was working on a map and had a cool idea for dm, just was wonderin if thats what would be used to know if i should bother workin on it or not.

thx again : )

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The server randomly spawns the players in the first used spawns. So if you have a game with 6 players currently in it, they will all spawn within the first 6 spawn points in the .map file. The rest won't be used until more players join.

Also one thing I noticed about respawn is that when you die, it always spawns you at the next spawnpoints, even though there are one or more available before it, so having respawn in cops and robbers might screw it up if the robber dies.

About the second question, I'm sure those will be available along with most of the pickups from single player.

edit: BUT, I don't know how pickups will have to be created in DM, so I don't know if just placing a pickup object like that would work.

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