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Hello! I used to write an Unban application, but unfortunately it was rejected. I regretted the moment I downloaded the particular app for which I was banned. I want to play again and spend my time with my friends. I miss the community and the good people. I want to get 1 more chance to prove it. I really miss the game, it was the game that really caught my attention and it was my favorite pastime in my spare time. Thanks for reading and giving me 1 more chance. Good evening!

SERIAL: A3B43965E47243E56792D16F09223BF4

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1 hour ago, OLIKAVAGYOK said:

the moment I downloaded the particular app for which I was banned

No.. this serial you're appealing for was banned as a result of belonging to the same person (you) as the PC you've used for cheat development.

You are known in the hungarian community as "quadxyz" / Makkai Balázs and were trying to create a paid cheat for MTA. Even though the anti-cheat prevented you from succeeding to get any cheat functionality done, cheat devs will usually be permanently banned on all of their PC's. You were a very persistent one, and didn't give up trying for a long time.

Ban appeal denied

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