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I add it for the player because he can't upload anything here.


In this appeal, I have included everything I wanted and what was on my heart.

I am writing appeals to the ban with the reason included in the added screenshot. As for this ban, I have no objections, the system worked, which detected the undesirable thing, and I received a ban. I did a very stupid job immediately writing the appeal, which was frankly hopeless. I have already apologized for this appeal, but I apologize again. In this entire appeal, I would like to completely close the topic of owning and creating this program because we are in agreement as you wrote, it was and I will not mention this thread anymore. Further, as for sending it, I wrote about it before, it was not sent out and you can check it, as I wrote to you in a private message, there is everything with the exact things that can be checked. I do not have any claims to you because without checking what I wrote to you it looked like this. As I wrote the program, only me and my friend had it, you can also check it, because only me and my friend got a ban, and no one else got unbanned from my friend, because it was not his program. If the program had other people, the system would detect it and they would also get a ban, and it was not, which is also to be checked. I'm sorry for that as well, because it could be a problem. Another point about the previous appeal was that I wrote the truth in it, but now, after a while, I believe that I wrote it completely without evidence and threw the words as if they were a lie, and they weren't. It may not have been very obvious before, but I accepted the ban without remorse. I am familiar with it and I am not going to whitewash here because I should get a ban for it and I did. I also know that whether or not I get unbanned is on the side of the AC Team, all I can believe is that I will come back to the game. As for whether I wanted to rob the players or not, I will not explain myself, because I have no evidence to support my words, the only thing I have evidence is that I did not rob anyone. I am placed in the same row as the people who sent such viruses, and I did not send one to anyone, and I have evidence that shows it unequivocally. Nothing is correct on this e-mail that you checked, as they were all entered by me and my colleague. Additionally, in any of my conversations, I have not sent it to anyone, except this colleague. No account has been stolen and you can check it. I know I messed up, but I got hit by some :~ty program of my production, I didn't think about what I did and it turned out that way. I really apologize with all my heart for what I have done and I do not know if you will trust me, but I promise that I will not do such situations anymore, I was under the influence of emotions, and besides, I'm still young and stupid. I'm only 15 years old, most decisions are made impulsively, so it just works out like that sometimes. I regret it very much and I would like to come back ...

At this point, I would like to apologize to each individual. First, I would especially like to apologize to Dutchman for the lies I wrote at the beginning and for my behavior towards him. I did not respect you by trying to force lies on you. The second apology I should also have addressed in advance is an apology to the entire community. I'm sorry for creating a program like this and all players may have felt unsafe knowing I had something like this. I think I am sorry for that the most, because I know how big the MTA community is and how bad it was that I did such a program. Again, I apologize to the entire administration for writing to them pointlessly and wasting their time on anything else. I also apologize to everyone who felt offended during this whole situation.

Even if my appeal is rejected, I will not withdraw these apologies, because they are sent from me privately, not as a player, but as a human. I would also very much ask you to leave this appeal open to the public, because I want every person I have upset about all of this to see my apology to her.

Whether there will be a ban or a ban, I will still respect the entire administration for the work they put into this project and the entire community for how good example they are for other players.

I sincerely hope to come back, and here I will add a message to Dutchman, thank you sincerely that you gave me a chance to rethink my behavior and now I know that lying will not happen in life. I would also like my ban and my appeals to be more than that, and to show other players that nothing can happen in life with lies, because the truth will always come out anyway. There are always people everywhere who know more than you and the only thing that can save you sometimes is the truth and the only truth.

Greetings to everyone and once again I sincerely apologize. I disappear and wait for the appeal. If I fail, I will fail, at least in this whole situation there is a moral for others.

-- I would also like to ask that if something in your opinion is incorrect, I can explain it, because I have some more evidence and then all the information will be contained in this one appeal instead of several different. Of course, it's up to you whether you do it or not."

SERIAL: 7D6F165B1EA9901D505C091A6166F033

SCREENSHOT: https://imgur.com/aeQAZmE

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I have played with this player on multiple servers for quite a while. He was always nice and helpful. I don't remember the last time he did anything wrong. I am writing this here because I know him privately and he is missing in our game. I believe everyone deserves a second chance. Greetings, CebulaczQ. Jestem na tak 

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So basically, im friend of Quisuu. I think he should get a chance. It was his project, he made this .exe 4fun. I can also say, that he didnt send it to anyone without their persmission, it was just made to show his frends his coding skills (propably from youtube video but idc). I think he won't do that again, and also he is really sad becouse of this ban, he could even give his kidney for unban, lol. I hope you will unban him becouse playing with with him was fun. Regards, Cocojumbo

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

Some empty words are included in your story: you don't have evidence that you didnt send it to anyone else in order to steal their accounts, because we have evidence that you in fact shared it with others (different versions of the account stealer). But like i said before, we will never show any such things to people, to avoid them from learning from their mistakes, and how we find out (security reasons). So you won't get any further.

Also, your appeal already got denied at https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/126671-ban/ and we had to constantly ban your new forum accounts in order to stop you from re-posting. I want you to know that bringing friends to post in your topic positively, like you did here, won't affect our judgement. We heard your apology, but we won't let someone that poses a malicious intent risk to MTA users return just like that.

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