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Help! sniper crosshair (DayZ)


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16 minutes ago, Alraaayts said:

Bro help please

Don’t expect from me to tell you what’s wrong in the code from phone screenshots.

Here is a good tutorial how to debug your codes: 


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Put this in to a client side lua

local alpha = 255 

bindKey ( "aim_weapon", "both", function ( _, state ) 
	if getPedWeaponSlot(localPlayer) == 6 or getPedWeaponSlot(localPlayer) == 5 then 
		if ( state == "down" ) then 
			alpha = 0 
		elseif ( state == "up" ) then 
			alpha = 255 
		if getPedWeapon(localPlayer) == 34 then
			for _, v in ipairs ( getElementsByType("object",resourceRoot,true) ) do 
				if isElementAttachedToBone ( v ) then  
					if getPedWeaponSlot (localPlayer) == 6 then 
						setElementAlpha ( v, alpha )
end )


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