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I was banned for stealing accounts, but it was not as you might think. Probably I had password stealing application on my computer. It wasn't my app and I never stole the password from anyone. I have been playing MTA for 2 years and I would never think to steal someone's account. When I found out what this application does, I removed it from computer. I admit, it was because of my stupidity, but next time I will think three times before installing something. I'm very sorry and i hope to get second chance. Thanks in advance, best regards.

Photo: https://imgur.com/aeQAZmE

My serial: 7D6F165B1EA9901D505C091A6166F033

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

Don't lie, you created that fake "money hack" (which asks for server host, account, and password, then sends it to you) so you could steal account credentials from MTA players.

We know you're lying, but won't let you learn how to avoid making mistakes in the future, so no information will be given.

Appeal denied

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