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How MTA anti-cheat so powerful?

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I mean, I've never seen any hackers on MTA. And when MTA Anti cheat caught a trainer or whatever on hacker's PC, he gets hardware banned.
How MTA anti cheat so powerful? Even Rockstar doesn't have an anti cheat like that!!

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If i answer this question, you won't understand it unless you have a serious background in development and security. Also security, because the beginning of answerring the question is basically: "patching doesn't mean the same with MTA anti-cheat as it does for other anti-cheats from popular games".

But to keep it simple: most of today's anti-cheats by other games aren't "real" (proper) anti-cheats, at least that's what people who are really skilled (those who made the MTA AC) can see. If you want to know a little more, then read https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/66858-bounty-for-finding-security-flaws-and-working-cheats-in-mta/ and open the spoiler at the bottom.

MTA anti-cheat is basically the best in gaming industry, but it was helped to become that by being native to the engine. For example, EAC and BE are anti-cheats that can work with any game engine, but they cannot totally "understand" it (basically, be inside of it so they can know what is right and what's not), they have limited power and are more external. There's just not many games with their own engine and anti-cheat development team that makes full use of it. Such external ACs will only make file signatures of cheats and patch some basic methods (very limited), besides judging by K/D, impossible scores, reports, etcetera. So you can see, it's an entirely different type of anti-cheat, and just because they are over-represented in the gaming industry, there is easily a stark contract between MTA and other games where cheating is rampant.

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