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MTA DayZ Bug a5.5.6 Version

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I have any problem.. Zombies doesnt spawn...


function zombieSpawning()
  local x, y, z = getElementPosition(getLocalPlayer())
  local material, hitX, hitY, hitZ = isObjectAroundPlayer2(getLocalPlayer(), 30, 3)
  if material == 0 and not isInBuilding(x, y, z) then
    triggerServerEvent("createZomieForPlayer", getLocalPlayer(), hitX, hitY, hitZ)
setTimer(zombieSpawning, 3000, 0)


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there is nothing wrong here so those can be the reason :-

3 hours ago, JeweL said:



3 hours ago, JeweL said:


or maybe this event in server side

3 hours ago, JeweL said:



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