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Hello Dutchman101, I wanted to see if exe works in the night version, but I was banned. Can you help me? I was banned for the first 3 days and 8 more days were added on my ban for 3 days.

Nightly Version:


My Serial: CD5A45B685CD02C5624436DF45C164E4


Please Help me :(

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Don't lie. You know that anti-cheat knows what you did.

Temporarily bans can't be appealed. You wanted to cheat, this is your own fault.

1 hour ago, BoomHeadshot said:

Hello Dutchman101, I wanted to see if exe works in the night version

Normally we don't check temporary bans, but here I know you're lying, because you've been using EXEMOD even on the regular version. A lot, recently.. as well as on your other PC with serial A8F3ED36289139BF24202FB1176C68F3 (which is no surprise.. once a cheater, always a cheater, everywhere). Besides, you received multiple EXEMOD bans in the past, also on your current serial in the recent past - basically you've been looking to EXEMOD cheat during your entire run with MTA, as well as on the super old serial 25BCA10421E6C773B9B6FFE094474C02 you received your first EXEMOD ban in 2017.

So considering all of your history and persistence in cheating, now I turned the ban into 1 month duration, unlike other bans from this ban wave. Because you never seem to learn.

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