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MTA Battlegrounds

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7 hours ago, Midas said:

1. download mta 1.5.6

2. join server 

3. update to 1.5.7

4. Join server again

it works for me :)

Thanks, it worked for me!

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There is a script problem on "GTA Battlegrounds" servers, the following error:


isn't an MTA error but a custom script, and the "X" is said not to be clickable so it won't go away and won't let the user play.


We already notified the server owner of this problem, but there's nothing more that we can do, and we also don't have details about why their script is malfunctioning. It clearly is, because even people with high-end PC specs are affected. Also when there's plenty of video memory available, as confirmable with /showmemstat

Even though the reason, whatever it is, allows people to work around it for again, unknown reasons. So, until they fixed it, preferably follow work arounds mentioned, and submit your own workarounds in this topic.

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